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Opticlarity offers one of the highest port density optical cable products in the industry, specifically designed for the next generation deployment of Data Centers. 



Global Reach. Local Source.

It's been a distinct honor and privilege to serve our customers from cable installers, datacenter, system integrator, Telecom and CATV companies. OptiClarity design and manufacture custom, value-added or standard products all in Fremont, California, the heart of silicon valley.  With almost 20 years experience in Telecom, CATV and Datacenters, we are also evolving with the robotics, mechatronics and IOT world leveraging with the creativity of our customers in Silicon Valley, California, and across multiple technology sectors around the world.

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Connector Cables



• Optimized for

  200G/400G QSFP28-DD/OSFP


• Two sets of duplex connectors

  in a single transceiver

• 40% size reduction from

  standard LC duplex

• LC 1.25mm ferrule based

  duplex connector

• Various sizes of Push/Pull tab

• IEC random mating grade B


Connector Cables



• Optimized for
200G/400G QSFP28-DD/OSFP applications

• Four sets of duplex connectors
  in a single transceiver

• 70% width reduction from
  standard LC duplex

• LC 1.25mm ferrule based

  duplex connector

• Various sizes of Push/Pull tab

• IEC random mating grade B


Connector Cables



Connector Cables


• QSFP28-DD/OSFP application


• High packing density   


• Various body and boot options   


• Low insertion loss


• Industrial operating temperature          range


• Volume production


• Flexible packaging



• Integrated

  optical cable + electrical cable

• IP-68 rated housing for both

  indoor and outdoor applications

• 2 x 12 AWG cable

• Low loss MPO or

  LC optical connector interface


Located in Silicon Valley, California, we are continuously challenged by our customers for new solutions and designs. In an ocean of ideas we bridge and connect eco systems and solutions in the fiber optic field with passive and active solutions. The IOT drive is giving us the opportunity to evolve further with our customers into the future. Projects are treated in a confidential manner leveraging our mutual expertise.

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As a leading manufacturer of quality products, Opticlarity is an experienced player in the industry. As a team we have been supplying our fiber optic products and solutions to well-known local and global companies for almost 2 decades, and have developed an excellent reputation within the fiber optic community. Our engineers are closely supported by a team and eco system of highly trained professionals, and ensure that all of our products embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

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100G & 400G and Beyond

High speed optics - 3D printed Fiber Optic connectivity - Hybrid and Flexible electronics

Our team has been supplying the Telco, CATV and Datacenter market with Breakout cables, MTP-MPO cables and shuffle boxes for almost 20 years including blade designs. We are ready to move into an era of 3D printed connectivity solutions bridging Best of Class, CMOS, Silicon Photonics and Indium Phosphide based discrete components and subassemblies.

The Opticlarity team has always operated under the philosophy of quality compliance to market standards. Therefore the company works only with component qualified vendors from the USA and Japan. Located in Silicon Valley California, our customers enjoy both the quality benefit and 24 hour turnaround on urgent requirements.

Our range of optical fiber assemblies and design include 4 to 288 core fiber cables with different configurations and different types of connectors, LC, SC, or MPO and discrete connectors. The latter all in line with your specifications. Select your connectors, fiber type, cable construction, tip to tip length, and cable labelling, to ensure quick installation and a rapid deployment.


Our assemblies are fully tested and meet GR-326 compliance.

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Robotics, Mechatronics & Semicon

Optical solutions in a world driven by sensors and HD vision

Opticlarity designs and manufactures custom fiber optic products for the newly evolving world of Robotics and related technologies. We are witnessing an exciting road and time where customer creativity is driving our contributions in the field of fiber optic connectivity and solutions.


The new IOT world

Fiber Optics are needed in IOT verticals driven mainly by sensing solutions

Driven by actual projects coming from the automotive, medical, robotics and the fashiontech space we are evolving with new markets. We work and live in markets such as autonomous driving, home medical, domotica and general sensor markets requiring fiber optic solutions. Opticlarity has a strong eco system allowing us to apply creative and state of the art technology solutions.

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OptiClarity - 47971 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538




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As Opticlarity evolves, we partner with an eco system to enable and strengthen our technical capabilities and services.


Sercalo provides MEMS based Fiber Optic Switches


FNE provides custom design fiber optic engineering services with CWDM expertise and blade design. Custom IOT design belongs to the service capabilities.


Vention provides any kind of electronic solution clients using skills in circuit board design, microcontrollers, embedded systems, logic circuits, analog circuits, sensor electronics and control. 


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